Welcome to Intertek, LLC

Intertek, provides highly qualified, in-house technical support during the design and prototyping processes and then fabricates to your exact specifications.

We can quickly supplement our company’s capabilities by taking your designs and producing finished products when your time and labor is limited.

We have built our reputation by providing on time delivery and innovations, along with cost efficient solutions to design problems. We continually improve our capabilities and expertise while controlling our growth to insure the finest quality and service to our customers.

We also offer short and long term rental space for product overrun and machinery bought for parts or rebuild.

We would like to sit down with you at your convenience and discuss the ways we can be of service to you. Please telephone our Elyria office at (440) 323-3325 or fax us at (440)323-6833 for a quote on your fabricated and/or machined parts. Thank you for your considerations.

Our Qualifications

  • National Mine Health & Safety Academy(MHSA) Certified Staff.
  • Over 80 Years of Journeyman Machinist Experience.
  • Certified Welders Society: Employees at Intertek, are members of the Certified Welders Society.
  • Experienced CNC Machinists: Our engineers have experience with Boring Mill items.
  • Experienced Boring Mill Machinists: Our engineers have experience with Boring Mill items.